Third African Conference of Science Journalists (ACSJ III)


Third African Conference of Science Journalists (ACSJ III)

About the Third African Conference of Science Journalists (ACSJ III)

Over 100 international and local science journalists from East, West and Southern Africa communication professionals, scientists and policy makers will convene in November, 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya for the Third African Conference of Science Journalists (ACSJ III).

The conference will provide a platform to discuss the current status and future of science journalism in Africa, and disseminate the latest updates in research and development happening and affecting the continent. ACSJ III, similar to preceding conferences, will also be a vibrant networking and training zone that will leave participants re- energized and inspired.

The 2018 African Conference of Science Journalists will have the following themes:

  1. a) Science journalism in the advent of social media
  2. b) Africa’s participation in Research for Development
  3. c) Africa’s agriculture; can the continent exploit new technologies for food security?
  4. d) Africa’s growing non-communicable and infectious disease burden: How will our health system scope?
  5. e) Reviving the HIV story: Current biomedical research journalists need to hear about
  6. f) African fisheries: Are we making progress in aquaculture and blue economy?
  7. g) Courting disaster? Africa’s population explosion and its implications on the environment
  8. h) Whither Community Radio?
  9. i) The place and future of science media associations in Africa
  10. j) Training sessions on health, agriculture, biotechnology, climate change, and environment

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sando martin wangisaPosted on9:43 pm - Aug 24, 2018

I believe to be part of this conference good willing.
The themes are so much touchy.

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